Thursday, March 13, 2008

Ooodles O'Irish!

It's just about time for the wearing o' the green as St. Patty's Day is just around the corner. Who's got Irish ancestors? Irish friends? Irish neighbors? Who's taken a trip to Ireland? Who's gone out drinking green beer on the day we honor Ireland's beloved patron saint? I know you answered "ME!" to one or more of those questions... I know you have pictures... which means you need some St. Patty's Day scrapbooking kits! Lucky for you, I have some wonderful (free for a limited time, as usual) kits that you're gonna love!

First off from Nore's Nice-ities blog we have a wonderful St. Patrick's freebie kit. Check out these previews...

Aren't they great?!!! To download your free kit go to Nore's blog for the Feb. 29th thru March 13th posts and you will find the links to download this kit. Don't forget to leave a comment of appreciation for today's designers. Your compliments are their paycheck!

Next from the Angel Wings and Things blog we have this lovely kit called Luck of the Irish!
I just love that pot of gold with the rainbow! The swirly is a pretty cool element too! You can get this fun and festive kit here.

Here's another terrific kit with rich and textured dark green tones. There's more to this kit than is shown in this preview. Stop by and check out Claddagh Love, from Belanna's At Odds blog.. It's beautiful...

You can download Claddagh Love here.

So there you have three wonderful and varied kits to use for scrapbooking your St. Patty's Day family photos. One more little treat for you and you should be all set. Last but not least, here's some Irish word art from Kathy's Coffee Stop blog. Add some of Kathy's word art and your photos to any of the scrapbook kits above and you're all but done creating some great art work!

Now go get creative with your genealogy!

This article will be featured in the March 17th edition of Lisa's Carnival of Irish Heritage and Culture.

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