Monday, June 16, 2008

Genealogy Charts for Digi-Scrappers

I know I've really been slacking off on posting to this blog and I apologize for that. Unfortunately, the pace of my blogging won't be picking up any time soon either. I'm starting my summer writing project which means the time I would have spent posting blog articles will have to be channeled into time spent writing my family history (one branch of my family history that is!).

Before I completely refocus in another direction, I'd like to share one more digi-scrapping kit that will be appreciated by all my genealogy buddies. This kit is called Wyvern's Lineage Series and it's offered on the Wyverns Scrap Den blog by Susan. This kit consists of a series of beautiful genealogy charts designed in the standard 12"x12", 300 dpi format. The pastel colors have a nice vintage look to them and there are even a set of blank pastel pages to use with them for companion pages. They're just lovely! Take a look...

And here's a sample image that Susan created using these pages...
Susan has included a few coordinating elements and may have more to come in the future. I think these pages are absolutely fantastic and I want to send a note of thanks out to one of my favorite digi-scrap designers, Kyra, for letting me know about Susan's kit. THANK YOU, KYRA!
And a very special thank you goes out to Susan for creating and sharing her beautifully designed pages with us all! THANKS SUSAN! You can download Susan's Lineage kit here. Don't forget to let her know of your appreciation!

Now go get creative with your genealogy!