Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Wearing Your Coat of Arms

Once you've designed your coat of arms it's time to show it off. One of the most fun ways to do that is to wear it. There are any number of ways you can wear your coat of arms from lapel buttons to baseball caps, and from thong undies to a full sweat suit. You can even put it on your dog!

All you need to do is visit CafePress.com, click on "Make your own stuff", choose your attire (there are many, many styles to choose from for men, women, juniors, kids, and yes even dogs), upload your coat of arms image, and place your order. There are no minimum orders although you can get a very nice discount for bulk orders of 15 or more of the same item :-) And that's all there is to it. Really. And I can personally vouch for the quality of the items you'll get from CafePress.com.

Here's a photo of an item I designed and ordered from CafePress.com.

Now is that cool or what? And they have tshirts, sweatshirts, lingerie, tank tops, and more. You can even have gifts made such as, clocks, messenger bags, tote bags, teddy bears, baby bibs, trivets and other great stuff! Wear your coat of arms with pride to the next genealogy event you attend. Everyone will be asking you, "Where'd you get that?"

Coming up next: Displaying Your Coat of Arms

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