Thursday, December 6, 2007

Happy St. Nicholas Day!

Here in America we don't really celebrate St. Nicholas Day the way they do in other countries. In Poland, for instance, Sw. Mikolaj brings all the children their presents on December 6th rather than on Christmas.

Whether you call him St. Nicholas, Sw. Mikolaj, or Santa Claus... whether he comes on December 6th or on Christmas... he is loved by children (and adults) around the world. I'll bet you have some photos of yourself and/or your loved ones with the gift-giving dude. In honor of St. Nicholas Day, here's a great free digital scrapbooking kit so you can create wonderful layouts with your photos.

This kit was make by Moune? (sorry but the blog is in French and I can't find the designer's name). Anyway, go to her blog and scroll down to 21 November 2007 and you'll see the download link right below the image.

Here's a page I created with this kit.

Your turn! Let's see what you can do with the St. Nicholas kit...

Now go get creative with your genealogy!

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