Friday, August 17, 2007

Another Reason to Celebrate on November 3rd!

A new holiday has been declared... Digital Scrapbooking Day! (DSD) It will be celebrated on the first Saturday of November each year, and this year that date will be November 3, 2007. It's a great day for celebrating if I do say so myself ;-)

This commemorative day was established "to encourage scrapbookers, photographers, crafters, and genealogists to set aside some time to preserve, document, and archive their memories digitally." The official announcement appears on the Digital Scrapbooking Day blog. You can check there for future information about sponsored activities and tutorials.

I learned about DSD from Hummie's blog (it always amazes me how "in-the-know" she is on the topic of digi scrapping). She's sponsoring a DSD Tail Gate Party. You can get the details from her blog post but the gist of it is this... we all create a digital scrapbook page using " 'heirloom' photos and/or memorabilia". Then we upload it to our blogs. After that we submit the blog post links to her blog (Mr. Linky?) where others will submit their scrapbook page links too. Then we all visit each others blogs and check out the heirloom photo layouts. There's even going to be prizes given out. Sounds like fun, doesn't it?

I'm looking forward to seeing how this all plays out. Who knows, maybe I'll even submit one of my own pages. What about you? Here's another great way to get creative with your genealogy!


susan said...

Thanks for mentioning us! We hope you do submit your LOs - I'd love to see them!

Hummie said...

Thanks for your kind words and for spreading the word about our new day! It will be a better day because you helped others to know.

I am excited to meet new scrappers at the tailgate party.

susan said...

Thanks for the mention about Digital Scrapbooking Day!