Wednesday, August 8, 2007

Vintage Scrapbooking Kits You Should Know About

For the last couple of weeks I've been scouring the Internet looking for era-specific digital scrapbook kits. They are harder to find than you might think. I have some listed in the column to the right but that link list doesn't allow me to detail some of the great "finds" I've made. Here are some era-specific kits that may be just what you need to set off those great family photos of yours...

If you have actors, actresses, theatre goers, or opera lovers in your family, check out the Curtain Call kit by Silvia Romeo at Vintage theatre at its best.

Finding vintage images for men can be a bit of a challenge... those fussy Victorian kits just don't work. Check out these kits and see if they don't suit some of the men in your family tree. I think they're terrific!
Grandpa's Pockets by Tina Williams
Good Men at
Aviation Pilot at
Dear Daddy at
It's a Guy Thing at

You probably don't have any photos of your ancestors from back in the Renaissance Era ;-) but if you have family photos from a visit to a Renaissance festival you might appreciate this kit, Renaissance Manor by Tandika Star.

For general "aged" ephemera that isn't too fussy and could be easily used for both men and women check out Mamaw Lucy's Trunk by Glenda Ketcham.

A really nice vintage jewelry kit is, Jeweled Vintage Kit by Lifesong Kreations.

Were any of your ancestors gardeners? If so, you'll really enjoy this vintage mega-kit, The Garden Kit by Silvia Romeo.

Here's a lovely FREE vintage kit, Vintage Pearls, by Helen.

Got a musician on the family tree? Here's one you'll find interesting, J3 Melody at Also on that same site are vintage kits for Beauty/Barber Shop, Classic Cars, Doc, Fisherman, Sewing, Country Antique, Hunting,

Here's one I love and just have to buy, Art Nouveau by Clohie Watkins.

If you have an attorney on the family tree, this one is a must have. Lawyer's Kit by Cari Lopez. Also by Cari, Sewing and Embroidery Kit, Neo-expressionist Art Collection, Rusted Roots, and a mega kit titled My Family - Genealogical Scrap.

I'm keeping my eye out for those very special themed kits. I'll let you know when I find some more!

No excuses, now. Go get creative with your genealogy!


Miriam said...

These are lovely, Jasia, and I also enjoyed looking through your links of ethnic digital scrapbooking kits, too!

Jasia said...

Bless you Miriam. I spent so much time looking for those kits, all the while wondering if anyone would even look at any of them. I think they're so cool. Now I just need time to be able to create some scrapbook pages!

The footnoteMaven said...


Loved the selections, particularly the lawyers.

I have some Civil War era lawyers dangling from a branch of my family tree.

Thanks for all the hard work - it is appreciated.


angelwithin said...

hi im a scrapbook designer for scrapbook max!

i have attempted 2 genealogy kits that are on sale so far, i was just wondering what type of genealogy style kits people would prefer

any ideas you have would be great, if you'd like to email your ideas direct on

Mom2Perfect7 said...

There is a whole website devoted to Heritage and Genealogy Scrapbooking. Check out The store there is full of Vintage Scrapbooking kits! :)