Thursday, November 1, 2007

Another Place and Time: Bavaria

I'm way behind on the freebie ethnic and era kits so let's start off there. I know many of you will appreciate this kit is called "Bavaria". It has a lot of charm!Those of you with German/Bavarian ancestry will appreciate this one.
It's it great? And doesn't it make you hungry??? It's making my mouth water right now.

You can pick this kit up on Gerti's blog here. Thanks for sharing your talent with us Gerti!


Moultrie Creek said...

Thank you for this special kit. I just sent Gerti a note too. Our "honeymoon" was a 30-month tour of Germany courtesy of the Army. Bavaria is full of wonderful sights, smells AND tastes. I'll enjoy this kit as I collect my photos into a digital memory book of our time there.

Jasia said...

I'm glad you like the kit! I thought it was really neat myself even though I don't have any ties to Bavaria. Enjoy!