Sunday, November 11, 2007

My Veteran Uncle

Here is a layout I did today to honor my uncle. Sigmund Lisowski was in the United States Air Corps during WWII. I used Sindiego's Lest We Forget kit (for U.S. veterans) along with a paper from digidiva's Autumn Essentials Papers (sorry, I don't have the link).


The footnoteMaven said...


Your Veterans' Day digital scrapbook page is beautiful.

I love to see the things you have put together. Every time I do, I kick myself because I haven't even started.

Can't wait for more.


Jasia said...

Oh thank you for your kind remarks fM! I really love putting scrapbook pages together but it's still slow going for me. I have to be careful to avoid too much repetitive motion. My arm is virtually pain-free now and I don't want to overdo it and create another painful situation for myself. But I have some great ideas for the holidays coming up. We'll see how many I can make happen.

Sindiego said...

I love your layout and I've snagged it for my Veterans Tribute Slide Show.

I'm into genealogy, too, so I'll be back to check out your blog tomorrow when I'm a bit wider awake.

Thanks, again Jasia.

CraZcat said...

read u message on Sindiego's blog today and it brought me over here to check ur veterans lo.. it is lovely.. wonderful tribute to your uncle.. your work it beautiful!!