Monday, July 2, 2007

Printing Your Coat of Arms

There are lots of ways to use your coat of arms in print. From greeting cards to stationary, stickers to book covers... the ideas are all here for the taking. Here's my list of 10 ideas for using your coat of arms on printed pieces. Do you have other ideas? Leave them as comments!

  1. Print out your coat of arms on 8.5"x11" quarter-folded paper and keep a stack of them on hand. You can use them as thank you notes, thinking of you notes, for writing a note to your child's teacher, or for writing a special correspondence to someone researching your same surname.
  2. Print out your coat of arms on card stock and make personal greeting cards. They make classy birthday cards for men or women. They're great for announcing a birth or adoption. You can use them for Mother's Day or Father's Day greetings too.
  3. Again using card stock, you can add a clipart evergreen wreath with a red bow around your coat of arms for a very classy Christmas card. Or add some holly leaves and berries with a holiday greeting. On the back of your card write a short paragraph explaining the symbols and colors you used on your coat of arms. Your cards will be unique and the envy of all your friends and family!
  4. Print your coat of arms in a small size on card stock and cut into pieces. Fold in half and write a name on each one to use for seating place cards for your next dinner party, shower, or family gathering. They will make good conversation starters!
  5. Use your coat of arms on printed invitations. Whether you use them on commercially printed items like formal wedding invitations, or just print them at home for family reunion invitations, they will make an impressive statement about you. You might also consider using them to invite friends and family to your next holiday party or open house. You'll get many compliments... just wait and see!
  6. Use your coat of arms on your family newsletter. It will make a great graphic that family members will come to recognize and take pride in.
  7. Use the shield part of the coat of arms on personalized return address labels or stickers.
  8. Your coat of arms would make an outstanding book cover for your family history or family cookbook.
  9. How about using your coat of arms on personalized recipes cards? Great idea, eh? Next time you do a recipe exchange yours will definitely stand out from all the rest!
  10. Have a custom-made rubber stamp made up and stamp, stamp, stamp! Rubber stamps are very versatile and can be used on just about every type of paper. With gold or silver inks they are exceptionally chic. Use black ink and let kids color them in with colored pencils.
Coming up next: Digital Scrapbooking With Your Coat of Arms

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Hummie said...

One of my lines has a huge family reunion every two years. They have a Coat of Arms and have used it in many ways. It was put on t-shirts and bags, as well as on documents, website, and such.

You provide many more ideas...thank you!

scrapgeek said...

This is an awesome idea!! Thanks for these great posts :)

Mickey_Mouse said...

That is a really great idea! Though with printing out address labels i do prefer having someone else print the for me as it takes me for ever to get them printed correctly with my printer.